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I will be releasing eight Magazine Dispatches, filled with philosophies, strategies and tactics for the ReWilding lifestyle, over the course of 2014.  These Dispatches, containing audio, video and written articles by myself and other contributors, will add up to a free online ReWilding course.  In addition, my newsletter contains ReWilding tips, healthy lifestyle articles & videos and information on my upcoming interviews and events.  

My newsletter doubles as a solar and lunar calendar — My magazine is released on the major solar events (solstices, equinoxes and cross quarters), and my newsletter goes out on the Full and New Moons to sync you up with natural time!

I will always respect your privacy and valuable time and will never share your personal information.

Head over to DanielVitalis.com to begin your ReWilding journey.

Thank you for joining and Keep ReWilding!
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